Alcohol Testing

NZDAS use the Drager 6810 alcohol testing unit.

The DrägerSensor fuel cell technology is alcohol-specific and provides precise measurement results even under extreme conditions. Even with a very high alcohol content, the device will ensure quick measurements. Instrument quality exceeds NHTSA’s Model Specifications for Evidential Breath Testers.

The low blowing resistance built into the mouthpiece allows for comfortable testing, even with low respiratory volumes. The individually-wrapped mouthpiece is designed to be installed quickly and securely, even when light conditions make it difficult to see. A built in ejector tab makes removing the mouthpiece effortless and sanitary. The mouthpiece features non-return valve and a built-in spit trap to meet the most demanding hygiene requirements.

Our alcohol screening process is affordable with results being available immediately. We calibrate our units every 6 months to ensure accuracy. This device will not give false-positive results.

Individuals who work under the influence of alcohol create a significant risk to their co-workers and the company.

If you require assistance with your workplace alcohol and drug policy, call the NZDAS team for advice.

For more information regarding the new breath and blood alcohol levels for New Zealand drivers, click here.